Gimme Shelter

 At last!  The dream of a warming hut on Amabilis, a place to get out of a storm, make a hot drink, meet your friends, or change into dry clothes, has been on Don and Frank's minds for a long time, and at last, it is real.   Last fall a troop of skilled Kongsberger carpenters built the hut over the course of multiple weekends.  Today, the Four Amigos (Don, Frank, Jeff, and Erik) finally, after an aborted attempt last weekend that involved too much snow and broken truck chains, pulled the sweet little hut up to its winter staging place on Amabilis.   It's not as high as it was last winter, when permit problems kept it locked down most of the winter, but it's still above the Y, where it will be a welcome haven.  This year we avoided last year's permit drama by siting it on USFS land, and the USFS permit is firmly in hand! The guys report they worked their butts off!  It was a full day of hard labor, chipping and shoveling ice, jacking up the structure to push blocks of wo

November Training and Early-Season Pointers

It's November; snow is falling in some places, there's a nip of frost in the air, and ski season is starting to seem real!  Below are some training summaries from a couple of racers and, at the end, a discussion of early-season training from a Norwegian coach, shamelessly copied from some newsletter, to help you rein in your enthusiasm for those gorgeous groomed trails; with any luck, it's gonna be a long winter and you want to pace yourself. Middle of the pack overall, age group podium, world masters distances:   I actually really love November dry-land training. The summer is over and I can smell ski season approaching. As I do my workouts, I imagine I am on skis!   I still have a goal of doing something active-- just walking by the lake, for instance-- every day. But biking is out because of the wet weather (I don't like taking the corners on hills fast with wet leaves all over the place.)   Here are my getting-ready-for-skiing workouts:   1. For the last few weeks I