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Where do I go?

Wow, have you noticed the helpful new signage on the Cabin Creek trails?  Those didn't just happen; a stalwart crew from Bush School, led by Eric Coombs, did the work and made the skiing better for everyone.  Thanks, team!  Here is Jeff Coombs' (Eric's dad) report and photos: ****** Here's a quick update on recent upgrades to the signage at Cabin Creek over the past year or so.  Upgrades started in the fall of 2022 when soon-to-be 18-year-old Eric Coombs, supported by the Kongsberger Ski Club, added significant directional and safety signs at Cabin Creek for his Eagle Scout project.  An Eagle Scout Service Project is the opportunity for a Scout to demonstrate leadership of others while performing a project for the benefit of their community.  We’ve all seen skiers out on the course with that bewildered look wondering where they were on the course.  Or, had skiers ask how to get back to the parking lot, worried that they’d never get there.  Or, passed discouraged beginne

Minneapolis World Cup and Party

Many thanks to Heather Aften for this awesome report and fun pictures from last weekend's World Cup event in Minneapolis!     Minneapolis World Cup recap What a love fest that was! Never have I been to a sporting event that felt more joyous. Jessie Diggins’ long-awaited homecoming and Gus Schumacher’s miraculous win, cheered on by a ridiculously euphoric crowd, made me search my memory for apt sports analogies. To me, it felt on par with our beloved Boys in the Boat.  Rather than a minute-by-minute summary, I’m going to share the things that stood out to me.  After all the fuss about “sold out tickets,” no one checked. We just walked in and took our places along the course. Makes me sad for the people who were deterred from making the trip.  The crowd went absolutely nuts each time it spotted Jessie. Skiing her warmup laps in her signature pink skirt and ponytail bobbing, she was easy to spot, and she was buoyed along every second of each day by people who loved her. Fun stuff happ

Stampeding at Cabin Creek

 Girls just wanna have fun: Girls and boys, big and little, young and old, and everyone in between, it was just a fun fun day at Cabin Creek for the 5k and 15k free-style Stampede today.  It snowed, the sun came out, people cheered, there were prizes and food ... not much more is needed for a good time! A jovial trail crew put together the race course: An enthusiastic and energetic feed station crew kept the water and Gatorade moving and the cheers and encouragement coming: And by the way for those scoffers who claim that, pshaw, the 15k doesn't need a feed station, we respectfully beg to differ! The race starter took no nonsense and kept everyone in line: And the front line for the 15k discussed pre-race strategy.  For the record, number 21 (big-shouldered Michael Evans) won, but he had to work for it: number 22, Robert Ragotte, finished less than a second behind him in a thrilling duel all the way to the finish line! Possibly the most inspiring moment of the day was paraskier Gab