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New Year, New Race!

Can you feel it?  That little tingle in the air that tells us this endless summer is on its way out, and fall, and then winter, are peeking at us from the horizon?  Maybe by now you've added elghufs and bounding and roller skiing to your workout plan, and you're thinking about the possibilities of traveling again, and racing again, this winter. If you're a classic skier, here is great news: the iconic Ski to the Sun Marathon in the Methow has, thanks to Kent's efforts and input from Rune and other classic skiers, added a classic division to the 45k marathon.  Same day (February 12), same course, classic skiers start earlier and see how far down the track they can get before they're overtaken.  Talk about incentive to ski fast, with Hashimoto hot on your tail! ( photo) Here is a short race description from the website: The Ski to the Sun Marathon is a challenging course that features some of the most spectacular sections of our trail system. Racers w