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June Training

It's June already, and the training season for next winter is in full swing!  Maybe you're an old pro at this, or maybe you've fallen off the training wagon this year and need a little push, or maybe you're just up for some new ideas; either way, we're lucky to have the full spectrum of racing experience in our club, and I thought it would be fun and maybe motivational to poll a cross section of racing members to see what their training plans for this month look like.  I also included, at the end, some bonus tips from a couple of pros.  I'm planning to do this every month from now until the snow falls, so if you'd like to be a future contributor, let me know; I'd love to share your ideas! Very front of the pack, overall and age group podium, all distances, national and  international: I train because, as Per Johnsen once said, at this stage the main purpose isn’t to get into shape, it is not to fall out of shape.  Hence, I try to stay at a minimum 30 hou