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Gunnar Hagen Race Report

 Many thanks to Rob Corkran for this awesome Gunnar Hagen race report and photo! About a month ago the club received a missive about the devastation wrought on the World Cup course at Lillehammer.  Accompanying was a rather blithe commentary about how this would have been no problem for a dedicated band of Kongsbergers.  Little did the author imagine that the club would soon face such a challenge, not from a single event, but from a cascade of falling trees.  Some time in December the trees started falling and they kept falling for days, then for weeks. Our hard working and dedicated groomer, Nick Whitman and his crew, kept control of the situation for a while, cutting up numerous fallen trees and pushing them from the track. But not without expense; one of his Sno Cats was seriously disabled in the effort.  Nick called for help and the Kongsbergers responded.  On the Monday and Tuesday preceding the race, first Joe Seemiller and then Chief of Course Don Brooks, assisted by brother Eri

The Gunnar Hagen is a Go!

Aa recently as last weekend, the Gunnar Hagen ski race at Cabin Creek was looking iffy: record-smashing levels of snow and numbers of falling trees and multiple pass closures had hampered the groomer's efforts to just try to keep up, much less groom trails.  But after literally heroic efforts from Nick and his exhausted crew, a cadre of skier volunteers tackling the branches and down trees, and finally, a break in the weather,   it's all systems go for the Gunnar Hagen this Sunday, January 16 !  There's plenty of snow, the trails are in great shape right now (although with some tree debris in the tracks), and with Covid protocols in place, we're looking forward to offering some racing excitement again. Registration and race info are available on the website, and here are some other details that will come in handy as you get ready for race day: -- No day of race registration, and online registration closes at 6:00pm on Saturday . -- The cabin and the wax