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Let Us Honor Dave and Shirley Newton

Dave and Shirley Newton, a formidable pair who have been the force leading race timing and technical delegate work for literally decades, from Olympics and World Championships to local junior races ... when it came time to honor their years of service to the sport, what better way than to name the stadium at Cabin Creek, the site of countless race starts and finishes, in their honor? So that's what we did.  Almost 50 of us came together last Sunday for an afternoon of merriment and memories, of seeing friends we hadn't seen since before Covid,  of lunching on grilled chicken and corn and all kinds of delicious sides,    of sharing stories, from decades ago to a couple of years ago. People told of race snafus, of quiet encouragement, of supreme professionalism in our little-known sport.  We laughed, we nodded our heads in agreement, and maybe at some points our eyes became a little teary.  It was a wonderful afternoon and a perfect way to say "Thank you" from the botto