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The Barbecue is Back!

The post-work party chicken barbecue has been a KSC staple for at least 15 years, and is a highlight of our club's culture.  Kare built the barbecue/fire pit out of cement blocks and devised an ingenious way to grill and turn 40 pounds of chicken at once; he and Aase have been in charge of preparing the chicken their own secret way and it's very possibly the best grilled chicken you have ever had.  Throw in a bunch of delicious potluck sides, some beers cooling in the little creek, tables and chairs set up outside on the deck, and you have one fun afternoon of eating and laughing and talking and more eating.  The fact that the pandemic has kept us from gathering together for the last two years might be one reason why work-party attendance has been down lately. But never mind that -- the barbecue is back!  At the snow-park cleanup last month, I noticed that the fire pit had fallen into disrepair and it made me sad; I have so many great memories of back-porch lunches and I miss o

Dave Newton, the Memories

 If you've had even the remotest involvement in cross country ski racing in the last 50-plus years, even if it's just watching the Olympics on television, you know Dave Newton.  Skier, jumper [ed. note: evidently this photo is evidence of the one time Dave jumped; he was not really a jumper!], racer, technical delegate, race starter and timer, husband, father, mentor, our friend ... Dave died last month at the age of 95, leaving a huge hole in the Nordic skiing community.  Below is his daughter Lisa's announcement of his death and a bunch of memories and great Newtonesque stories from those of us who knew him and owe so much to him.  The blog post following these memories is a collection of photos. Lisa Newton:  Dad passed peacefully last night.  Mom was sleeping next to him holding his hand, I was holding his other hand, and Peter was there.  The broken hip and everything associated was more than his body could take.  He was transferred back to the Hearthstone Wednesday an

Dave Newton, the Photos

 Photos don't always completely capture the essence of a man, but these come mighty close!  All photos courtesy of Lisa Newton, except the cute black and white one of the little kids racing; that's Jim Lindsey's. (photo below from Pat Kaald)