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Mid-Summer Training

We're deep into summer now, with these gorgeous warm days and cool nights, bright blue mornings and long lingering evenings.  But winter and ski season are marching inexorably toward us, and in case you, like me, could use some fresh training ideas, I checked in with a couple of club racers for their training reports and added some training thoughts from a successful racer outside of the club.  See you out there! Marathon mama, mid-pack racer, full-time job, kids Way back on December 31, my husband said that he wanted to race more and that he thought maybe he would do a race a month in 2023.  I nodded and didn’t think too much of it, but we went off and had a great time skiing in the Rodeo.  Then came the Gunnar Hagen and the Stampede and the Race of the Methow and a race in White Pass and the Ozbaldy and … then a 5km run in Maryland… and all of a sudden I was seeking out a random race on a Tuesday so I could get in a race for May and now I guess I’m on this “race every month in 20