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Sno-Park Clean-Up

(this photo courtesy of Rachel Brombaugh) The USFS scheduled today as sno-park clean-up day and at first, it seemed like an exercise in futility.  There is still snow covering the trails; I mean, it was snowing at Snoqualmie Pass this week!  Several people advocated for pushing the date back a couple of weeks or a month, but as Rune said, that train has left the station and we'll just have to clean what we can.  Well, guess what -- just having access to the parking lots and part of the road and the freeway interchanges yielded an enormous amount of junk, most of it pretty disgusting.  Kind of amazing, the things that people evidently think are okay to just throw out the window.  (Moment of blatant passive aggressiveness: a crew of four or five was in the parking lot picking up garbage while a car sat there and its driver threw orange peels out the window.  Seriously, people.)  But we did it; even limited by snow cover, we managed to completely fill the USFS ranger's trailer and