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September-October Training

Can you feel the tingle in the air, the hint that summer is over and fall is here and winter is coming?  Is your training transitioning to fall just the way you want it to, or are you like Petter Northug, who is planning to race the Ski Classics marathon series and says, "I need more speed and more endurance.  I need 200 more hours of training."  You and me both, brother.  Lots of information below, so wherever you are on the training spectrum, hopefully you can find something that resonates and gets you out the door as the days grow shorter and cooler.  See you out there! Professional coach, mid-pack marathon racer nationally and internationally   Last weekend I was coaching at a high school cross-country meet in Salt Creek when I noticed a student athlete with a T-shirt that said “attitude is free”.  This made my day as the shirt speaks volumes for all of us trying to live our best lives!  The point is, each day and all day long you decide what your attitude is going to be.

Dick Arkley, the Legend

Those of us who have been Kongsbergers for a number of years will miss Dick Arkley, club jester, who died last month at age 81.  With his great big smile and his firecracker laugh, we always knew when he was in the house.  We have vivid memories of him on his bike, cackling and waving and weaving his haphazard way through the roller skiers at the 17th of May parade, then livening up the after-party, flirting with the ladies and taking pokes at Ozzie and Kare and anyone else he could see.  Those of us who only knew him as a goofball might not actually realize until we read his obituary that he was also a rockstar skier, but we should have guessed!  The obituary mentions a Sports Illustrated article about his Ski to Sea veterans team, which took first place four times; I wasn't able to track down that article, but I was able to find the results from 1980 and note that other members of his winning team included KSCers Mike Theobald, Ted Young, and Kare.  Eber Teter and Ozzie also were