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It Takes a Village

  Q: Why can we ski on groomed trails at Cabin Creek weeks before there is grooming at other snow-parks? A: Because volunteers carve a precious weekend day out of their busy fall schedules to head up to the trails and cut back the brush, clear out the rocks, clean the culverts, and trim back the overhanging branches, allowing Nick and his crew to groom on a thinner snow covering. But what if you don't care for trail work, if cutting and clearing and cleaning and trimming don't sound like fun?  Guess what; that's okay!  Trail work is only one of a multitude of ways KSCers can contribute their time and energy to making the club a better place, and putting in X hours of trail work is  NOT  a requirement of club membership.   Our mission is pretty simple -- support nordic skiing, especially racing -- but the execution of that mission is actually quite complex and multi-faceted, and requires a range of skillsets and interests and experience levels from a lot of different people.

Kongsberger Race Dates--Mark Your Calendars!

  Y'all were such good sports last year, figuring out a way to race during a pandemic.  Kongsbergers had to cancel all our organized races and revert to self-timed, self-supported, on-your-own events, and we still got an amazingly good turnout -- thanks, everyone, for being flexible and optimistic! But this winter, let's put those QR code signs away and gather together again -- fingers crossed! -- to line up at the start and trash talk with your friends and sprint up those uphills and fly down those downhills and grab those cups of drink and lunge across the finish line and compare your time to that of your main competitor and head up to the cabin for chili and hot drinks and awesome prizes.  Let's do this thing! We've set official race dates for this coming winter, but of course with the caveat that we will all do our best to make this a safe and rule-following event, that might be modified or canceled if the virus (or its nasty cousins) is running rampant.   Gunnar Ha