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Talkin' About the I-90 Expansion

  The I-90 expansion over Snoqualmie Pass has been in progress for a number of years, and will continue to be for another number of years.  As caretakers of and advocates for the Cabin Creek Sno-Park and associated nordic ski trails, Kongsberger Ski Club has made it a priority to stay involved with the project through the ever-changing roster of project managers, to make sure the wishes and needs of local skiers are heard.  To that end, KSC member Jeff Eustis, who has been our main point person in interacting with the Washington State Department of Transportation for many years, put together a meeting at the Kongsberger cabin this week to facilitate a discussion between ten club members – all four officers, several board members, and a couple members at large – and three WashDOT employees – the Development Branch Project Engineer, the Assistant Development Branch Project Engineer, and the Environmental Engineer – about the recreational uses of the trails, the parking situation, and pla

WRAC Wreport

 Suzanne attended the summer meeting of the Winter Rec Advisory Committee, where funding decisions are made for the coming year, representing the Cabin Creek sno-park and trail system, and sends us this report: *** The famous WRAC (Winter Recreation Advisory Committee) meeting in late August, which took place at the convention center in downtown Wenatchee (or in your kitchen if you were up for yet another Zoom experience, which I wasn’t), was not a particularly eventful affair. The WRAC determines how money coming into the state budget through sno-park permit purchases will be distributed. Most of the decisions were automatic; sno-park areas throughout the state are on grooming budgets approved for a three-year period before they are reviewed for any changes.  Cabin Creek and Erling Stordahl are bundled together for a single grooming budget. Rune Harkestad, the KSC president, is the sno-park designated contact for the grooming at both sites and, despite the fact that the budgets are ap