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Rune Rocks the Norwegian Birkebeiner

  No question, Rune had a great ski season this winter, with strong finishes across a variety of distances, culminating in three age-group podiums at World Masters and a 10th place age-group finish (out of 453 men in his age group) at the Norwegian Birkebeiner.  I always want to hear more details about a race like that, and Rune obliged!  Here is his story, with Augustina's awesome photos. RUNE'S RACE REPORT World Masters in Canmore was hard, really hard.    There is a reason why the race distances are drastically reduced after age 60.     The 30k and 10k classic races were back to back on Sunday and Monday to start off the week, which definitely took its toll on my 57-year-old body.     Canmore is at approximately 1,400 meters above sea level (since the races took place in Canada, I am sticking with metrics), which I don’t think is enough to be considered significant altitude, but altitude affects people differently, and from experience, that is enough altitude to have some ef

A Brief History of Grooming at Cabin Creek

  Many many thanks to long LONG-time KSC member Marlys Svensson for this look back at grooming in the good old days and how it has evolved to what it is today! A Brief History of Grooming at Cabin Creek by Marlys Svensson I think a nutshell of remembered history of the last 60 years might help explain the progress from foot/ski tracked ski areas to our current mechanized grooming. There are still many skiers around who remember when cross country skiers across the US, including the Kongsbergers (in our deep, wet Snoqualmie Pass conditions), groomed their own classic trails with their own skis – being careful to keep their skis extra far apart so as the track, as it was used by numerous skiers, would not become too narrow.  We foot/ski groomed most of the areas we do now at Cabin Creek by traveling single file through the deep snow, setting first a ski track, then repeating the round for each pole track.  There was no grooming for skating other than a person setting a few deep-set skate