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Trail Work: An Invitation

UPDATE: THE POTLUCK LUNCH IS CANCELED, BUT TRAIL WORK IS STILL ON The trails at Cabin Creek have been busy this summer, sprouting rocks, pushing up baby trees, spreading roots and branches.  It's time to spiff them up before ski season!  Kongsbergers are hosting a trail work party and potluck lunch on Saturday, September 23, and your muscles and your tools are welcome to join in the fun.  Think of it as cross training with all the bounding and roller skiing you've been doing! People will start showing up about 9:00, but of course you are welcome whenever you can get there.  We'll clear brush, throw rocks off the trails (this is a great task for the little kids), take down saplings, and swamp logs.  Heavy gloves will definitely be the fashion requirement of the day. Lunch will be ready at 1:30.  KSC is grilling chicken (or baking it if a burn ban is in effect) and providing beer and soda.  Everyone else, please bring your favorite side dish to share with your fellow forest w