So Much Snow!

Adventure Reporting by Joy Cordell

What to do when the weekend approaches, there is still SO MUCH SNOW, and unlike those skiers trading tips on how to remove the special grooming pass from the windshield or planning new rollerski routes, we wanted the real thing and we weren't ready to trade it in. We'll scrape those stickers and oil the bearings when we can't ski on snow!

So Jeff and I met Debbie at Summit West on Saturday and pulled our bumpers up to the edge of the wall of snow and put on the classics. Debbie donned her beloved (ancient) Fischer no-wax rock skis (but let the record show: there was not a single rock anywhere), while Jeff and I took our no-wax OuttaBounds and 3-pins. It was snowing when we got there ... and there was SO MUCH SNOW, everywhere we went. We tracked by all the quiet resort lifts and zigged and zagged our way up through the fresh snow to the saddle and Beaver Pond. Surrounded by mounds of snow, the pond was still frozen, with only a few quiet puddles to mirror the lovely landscape. The skies changed from snow showers to sunshine and varied grey cloud banks and everything else was white snowscape and green trees.

Jeff and I climbed one more hill to test shaky tele turns with only toes clipped in and then it was more traversing and turning, until we took our skis off AT THE CARS, people, because there is STILL SO MUCH SNOW. And because Jeff brought his little seat sleds, we went over to the dark side and finished off with some short and happy sled runs. And so, dear friends, it was a two-sport day.

(all photos are Debbie's, except this cute one of Jeff -- that's Joy's)