2022 Women's Hike #1, Snoqualmie Pass, PCT

 Report by Joy Cordell

The day we set for our first hike dawned cool and partly cloudy, perfect especially for uphill hiking. The short hike team--Karen Rathe, Rachel Gerson, Margot Knight, Heather Aften, Leah Fast, and Rachel Brombaugh -- 

--had a beautiful hike up to Lodge Lake on the PCT, heading south. Broad fields of paintbrush and blueberry bushes led to cool forest and the lovely lake.

Rachel B. added that they talked a bit about racing and Leah told us how fun the Jentaloppet was. We brainstormed a few fun things to make racing more approachable: a costume race (unofficial), Kongsberger skirts to wear in the costume race or other and also capes! 


Joy Cordell hiked in the opposite direction with KSC alum Nancy Lindahl and Pete and Rita's daughter Jennifer Hutzel (recently moved from New Jersey to Ballard), who pushed their way past avalanche tree carnage about half way up to the steep snow fields just before the Kendall Katwalk corner.   They ate lunch to a stunning view of Red Mountain (just over there!) and very snowy Snoqualmie Mountain.

Downhill discussion focused on amazing and easy recipes for delicious food, punctuated by mushroom sightings, and that five miles almost flew by.


It was a great way to connect! Join us next time, on Saturday, August 6th.


  1. Wow! What a lovely day! So sorry my work intervened & I missed you all. August 6...ok!


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