2022 Women's Hike #2: Ingall's Lake, er, Esmerelda Basin

Trip report by Joy, photos by Joy and Leah

We stepped out of the car to meet perfect 65-degree morning temps and an alpine breeze filled with all the scents that make early August in the mountains so wonderful. It was Leah and I this time, and we were looking forward not only to the hike, but to getting to know each other better. We jumped into deep conversation so quickly that we didn't really register the big signpost near the start of the trail that forked between Esmerelda Basin and Ingall's Way. (What's Ingall's Way? We were looking for Ingall's Lake!) Thus began our day hike to Esmerelda Basin (including the side trip up to the ridge above Lake Anne) which neither of us had hiked before, and a day of beautiful sights. 
The forecast the night before was for hazy skies, which might have kept larger crowds away, but we had crystal clear air, which was perfect for seeing the mountains in every direction, especially Stuart and Glacier. When we were on the ridge above Esmerelda Basin, Leah spotted hang gliders high above our closest mountain, hanging in the breeze, so high up we could barely distinguish the colors.

We returned to the car full with a long day of hiking, friendship, and vistas to remember.