Dreaming of Winter -- 2023 Race Schedule


Soon, if we keep doing snow dances and make sacrifices to Skaði:

It feels a long way away right now, but Winter is Coming and the KSC 2023 race schedule is up!  Are you ready to embrace the challenge and see what you're made of?  Check out the details below and make your plans.  See you there!

Gunnar Hagen Classic 

7.5k/ 30k Jan 8, 2023 at 1000hrs

Registration opens Dec 23, 2022 start of day

Late fee begins Jan 5, 2023 @6pm

Registration closes Jan 6, 2023 @6pm


Stampede Freestyle 

5k/ 15k and WNC 0.5/ 1k/ 2k/ 5k Jan 29, 2023 at 1030hrs

Registration opens Jan 13, 2023 start of day

Late fee begins Jan 26, 2023 @6pm

Registration closes Jan 27, 2023 @6pm


Ozbaldy Freestyle 

10k/ 50k Mar 5, 2023 @0900

Registration opens Feb 17, 2023 start of day

Late fee begins Mar 2, 2023 @6pm

Registration closes Mar 3, 2023 @6pm