Let's Talk About the Trees, Again

 If you've been keeping up with the grooming reports on the Kongsberger website, you know we've got a problem with trees ... again.  And yes, before you ask, the KSC trail crew went around the course before the snowstorms hit and cleared out what they could; per USFS regulations, we can only take the leaners and the downers, not cut down standing trees. So of course, Old Man Winter laughs at us and throws out a ton of heavy wet snow, which knocked down more trees and buried them, which damaged the grooming equipment, which led to the grooming crew spending valuable hours clearing trees and fixing equipment instead of grooming trails.

So I've got a shovel and a strong back; how can I help, you ask?  Opportunities abound!  The grooming crew has supplied us with a list of problems that we are encouraged to tackle.  (And by "we," I mean everyone; this is not limited to KSC members.)  The list can be found here, on the first tab of this spreadsheet, and we'll be working on keeping this list current as some problems are resolved and some new ones appear.  If you do take on one of these projects, please add a comment to this blog post or to the spreadsheet (or email me at xcskigirl04@yahoo.com) so we can update the list.


Couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Chainsaw operators MUST have official USFS chainsaw certification.  If you're not a chainsaw jockey, there are plenty of other clean-up chores to be done.
  • All volunteers must work under the supervision of a KSC crew leader, as required by our USFS trail maintenance permit, so no free-lancers, please.  How do I find out when a crew leader is heading up there?  Check out the second tab on the spreadsheet; we'll be keeping that up to date also, as best we can.

  • Obviously, everything you do is at your own risk, whether a tree falls on you or you get cold toes, so bring the proper equipment, pay attention to what's going on around you, listen to the crew leader, and be sensible.
Your efforts are much appreciated.  We all just want to go skiing, and this tree project will get us closer to that day.  Thank you!