Cabin Creek--Get Ready to Ski!

 With colder temps and snow in the forecast for this weekend and the possibility of real grooming taking place soon, the Kongsberger chainsaw team headed out the road and up Amabilis yesterday (December 6) to clear out the trees that came down in the last storm, thus saving Nick's budget for actual grooming instead of yard work.  Don reports they took care of a number of small alders and a fir, plus this big one that fell all the way across the trail:

Kyle Capizzi photo

And what about the snow?  The guys found about 24 inches at the top, 12-15 inches at the saddle, and 6-8 inches at the Y.  They said the conditions above the Y were deep and excellent, exactly the words you want to hear in early December! 

below the second switchback

Down on the road, there was still plenty of snow for rock skis.  An ATVer had driven down the road, but there was room on the shoulder for some very satisfying early-season-conditions classic striding, and hopefully Mr ATV is done for this season.  

the road

It was about 40 degrees on the road, gently misting, absolutely lovely, and with any luck, only getting better from here -- this machine is in position and ready to get to work!