First Up: Gunnar Hagen Classic

The Kongsbergers' Gunnar Hagen classic ski race is on Sunday, January 7.

If you're racing: everything you need to know, particularly the registration deadline of 5:59 pm on Thursday, January 4 (if you don't want to pay a late registration fee), is on the Kongsberger website.

If you're not racing: the USFS doesn't allow the trails to be closed to the public, so if you do want to ski there that day, be aware that the parking lots will fill up early and the trails will be very active until early afternoon. Most years, the race course follows the road and around the Berg and Viking loops, leaving Amabilis open and racer-free. This year, unless Good Saint Nick can magically pull another six inches of snow out of thin air in the next week, there is a chance the race will be moved to Amabilis, leaving the lower trails free. Check the KSC website ( as we get closer to race day for the latest updates.