Where do I go?

Wow, have you noticed the helpful new signage on the Cabin Creek trails?  Those didn't just happen; a stalwart crew from Bush School, led by Eric Coombs, did the work and made the skiing better for everyone.  Thanks, team!  Here is Jeff Coombs' (Eric's dad) report and photos:


Here's a quick update on recent upgrades to the signage at Cabin Creek over the past year or so.  Upgrades started in the fall of 2022 when soon-to-be 18-year-old Eric Coombs, supported by the Kongsberger Ski Club, added significant directional and safety signs at Cabin Creek for his Eagle Scout project.  An Eagle Scout Service Project is the opportunity for a Scout to demonstrate leadership of others while performing a project for the benefit of their community. 

We’ve all seen skiers out on the course with that bewildered look wondering where they were on the course.  Or, had skiers ask how to get back to the parking lot, worried that they’d never get there.  Or, passed discouraged beginner skiers lying on the ground in the middle of a big steep Ozbaldy hill, wishing they hadn’t attempted that particular part of the course.  Eric’s signage project is helping to avoid those situations.


In the late fall/early winter of 2022, Eric corralled a group of Scouts to put up a few dozen signs.  Eric is an avid skier.  He was a member of the Bush School cross country ski team.  Now a freshman at Colorado College, he gets out to the mountains in Colorado every chance he gets with his cross-country buddies.


The most challenging part of the project, by far, involved gaining approval from the Forest Service for the project.  The approval process took close to 6 months, involving dozens of calls and meetings with Forest Service personnel.  Eric thoroughly researched the Forest Service guidelines for signs on Forest Service land, and submitted a well-prepared and complete proposal, finally gaining approval from the head ranger for the Cle Elum district, Joe Rausch.  Great guy.  Thanks, Joe for your support!


Eric is the Scout on the right in the Bush sweatshirt holding a Do Not Enter sign.  As you can see from the photos, the signs also attempt to keep motorized vehicles from trashing the course.

If you’ve got suggestions on how to improve the signage, please let us know.